The company has a strong distribution network in all major basmati consuming cities in India with more than a hundred distributors in each state. Punjab Riceland Private Limited has also made inroads into the globe including markets like Middle East and Africa.

Another significant initiative of the company has been in the area of manufacturing and marketing parboiled rice. An ultra modern rice plant began operations at Tarn Taran near Amritsar in 1996, and this helped the company cater to the huge demand for parboiled rice in the International markets.


Our manufacturing facility at Tarn Taran (Punjab) covers 1,000,000 sq.ft. and is the largest composite rice mill in the region.

Team Work

With its unwavering dedication and resolve, with pride, Our team has ensured success for the company at every step of way.

Quality Assurance

We have a quality assurance and testing lab setup in our processing unit, supervised by rice experts. Maintain highest quality Basmati rice.






Manufacturing Units




In India and around the world, different people have different tastes. To cater to all of them, Punjab Riceland has an extensive range of rice that can be called truly special. Carrying forward the legacy of gratifying millions of plates with scrumptious culinary delights, Punjab Riceland brings you exquisite, world class basmati rice brands.



This pure basmati rice also epitomizes the true spirit of India and its authentic taste. Regarded as the ‘king of rice’ and the ‘queen of basmati’, you just can’t escape feeling blissful inside, the very moment you take the first bite and let those slender grains naturally melt in your mouth. And if you still haven’t tasted this glory as yet, maybe you should. There is no better.

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Brown Rice

Brown Rice

It not only reduces cholesterol but also controls blood sugar levels. Its absolute authentic flavour ensures a healthy treat for people across the world. So, add a dose of Punjab Rice Land Brown basmati rice to your daily fitness routine and find yourself in the pink of health.

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