Our manufacturing facility located at Tarn Taran is amongst the largest of all basmati rice manufacturing units across the country. Built over 30 acres of land, we can produce rice to about a thousand tons a day. Our packing units are located all over Middle East and Africa to meet the ever rising demand.

Our operating facilities in Punjab are located in the heart of the most abundant basmati rice growing areas in the country, fed by the ice-melt streams of the Himalayas. These locations enable us to work directly with the key rice growers to ensure a consistent supply of the many varieties of rice we process, package and distribute. Through these close working relationships, we are able to follow through on the commitment to quality we have made to ourselves and our customers.

Our plants are equipped with new, state-of-the-art milling and sorting technology and our focus on food safety is evident in every step of our process. If you’d like to learn more about the equipment used in our cleaning, sorting, processing and packaging steps, or if you would like to visit one of our locations, send us an email at

Being a responsible and respected corporate organisation, Punjab Riceland actively participates in activities to improve environmental performance and ensure the safety of its people.

Water re-use processes have been effectively implemented within business units. Our Tarn Taran facility is a zero discharge unit. In our effort to further reduce our carbon footprint, we have commissioned rooftop solar generation capacity of 632 KW at this facility.


PRL processes 80,000 MT of paddy per year and the manufacturing facility at Tarn Taran (Punjab) covers 1,000,000 sq. ft.